International IPv6 Day on June 8th


On 8 June 2011 is IPv6-day: the IPv6 availability of IPv6 is tested worldwide. The largest site operators such as Google, Facebook & Co. have committed to enable their sites via the new Internet protocol IPv6. Salzburg Research has also long been available over IPv6.

The 32-bit address space of the current Internet Protocol (IPv4) and thus the available number of Internet connections will run short. The successor protocol IPv6 has over 4 billion times more IP addresses (128 bit), but the accurate parallel operation with IPv4 can not yet be fully guaranteed . The objective of the IPv6 Day, is to motivate the entire Internet industry, especially Internet providers, manufacturers of hardware and operating systems and web service providers, to prepare their services and offerings for IPv6. The aim is to ensure smooth introduction of IPv6.

Salzburg Research’s research area Advanced Networking Center (ANC) observes the IPv6 day and checks the availability of the participating sites.

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