Semantic Integration Patterns for Industry 4.0.

Strohmeier, Felix; Güntner, Georg; Glachs, Dietmar; Mayr, Reinhard (2022): Semantic Integration Patterns for Industry 4.0. In: Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Innovative Intelligent Industrial Production and Logistics - EI2N, Valletta, Malta, ISBN 978-989-758-612-5; ISSN 2184-9285, pages 197-205. DOI: 10.5220/0011550100003329.

In the manufacturing industry, digital twins have emerged as a key technological concept for the creation and use of digital representations of assets and their associated processes. In emerging networked manufacturing systems, digital twins of machines or components do not reside within one specific application, platform or edge node, but they ideally consume and deliver information (e.g. sensor data, master data) to all connected applications in the operational systems. This results in complex integration requirements for both, the assets and the applications. Starting from an overview of industrial information models, the paper describes a recent research approach towards semantic interoperability concepts for data-driven digital twin in manufacturing systems. It gives an architectural overview of a platform for the integration of operational management systems and connected assets based on semantic integration patterns. The paper describes the initial concepts of the underlying research project “i-Twin”.


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