Nudging sustainable behaviour: Data-based nudges for smart city innovations

Karin Klieber, Claudia Luger-Bazinger, Veronika Hornung-Prähauser, Guntram Geser, Diana Wieden-Bischof, Irina Paraschivoiu, Thomas Layer-Wagner, Nina Möstegl, Franz Huemer and Johan Rosan (2020): Nudging sustainable behaviour: Data-based nudges for smart city innovations In: ISPIM Innovation Conference – Innovating in Times of Crisis, 7-10 June 2020. LUT Scientific and Expertise Publications: ISBN 978-952-335-466-1

This contribution deals with the challenge of promoting the awareness and use of new city innovations enabling a smart sustainable lifestyle. Nowadays there is a gap between smart city pragmatic users (early majority), because we are facing a special challenge in the phase of innovation scaling. The free use of city innovations that promote a sustainable lifestyle is very often linked to changes in behavioural routines (e.g. bicycle use instead of car use; regional consumption vs. online purchase). In this paper we investigate the benefits and limitations of social comparison theory and similar behavioral approaches in designing incentives and stimulus mechanisms for a new digital platform and mobile application for intelligent urban innovation. Based on an intensive state of art literature review and a best practise analysis, we propose a specific digitally supported intervention design to encourage citizens to use smart urban innovation in their local environment. The design will then be tested and evaluated in two European Smart Cities as part of an EU research project: We will discuss the potentials and limits of an ethical nudging approach and important implications for evaluating effects and impacts thereof.

Keywords: Data-based nudging; behavioural innovation insights; target-group specific nudging methods; behavioural change for adoption of smart city innovations.

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