Multi-Disciplinary Solutions to Industry & Government’s E-Business Challenges.

Steve Elliot, Kim Viborg Andersen, Eileen Trauth, Siegfried Reich (Ed.) (2004): Multi-Disciplinary Solutions to Industry & Government’s E-Business Challenges. In: Trauner Verlag, Schriftenreihe für Informatik, Band 11

Successful implementations of E-Business frequently require additional interaction between elements that extend beyond technology and organizational issues to include environmental (e.g. infrastructure, national culture, national and international payment mechanisms) and consumer factors.

These issues were explored in detail at the 2004 conference hosted by Salzburg Research. In response to the theme: ‘Multi-disciplinary solutions to industry & government’s E-business challenges’ the Conference attracted papers and participants from 15 countries to its refereed research presentations and to its expert panels. The sub-theme in focus for this year was TRUST.

This conference has been organised by IFIP Working Group 8.4 (see also This group focuses on promoting collaboration across disciplines in E-Business Information Systems research and practice. Our intention is to extend the IFIP community’s focus on E-Business to recognize, acknowledge and facilitate research and practice as it crosses the boundaries of IS, organizational, consumer, community, industry and national domains.

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