Bringing “Intelligence” to iTV:

Georg Güntner, Tobias Bürger, Dietmar Glachs, Rupert Westenthaler (2008): Bringing “Intelligence” to iTV: The Intelligent Media Framework

This paper gives an overview of a software framework designed for the creation of interactive multi-channel television shows. The “Intelligent Media Framework” forms the middleware of an iTV production support system developed in the context of the European integrated project “LIVE”. The framework is designed according to service oriented architecture (SOA) principles for easy integration into existing iTV and TV production environments. Moreover, the Intelligent Media Framework is based on a knowledge model formalising the main aspects identified to make up the domain of reail-time staging of media events: the content (media clips and media streams), the events, the staging and the users (professional users and consumers).
The framework offers services for the development of tools assisting the production team of multi-channel iTV shows in an intelligent way: The envisaged “intelligence” is based on formal, machine understandable descriptions of the content and the events: This document introduces the knowledge model and provides an overview of the architecture of a media framework designed to support the iTV production process in an intelligent way.

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