Open Innovation & Community Tools

In what ways can users join the innovation process in the tourism, sports and leisure industry? To answer this question, we identified and assessed different concepts, methods and applications. In addition, we are monitoring and assessing online communities to identify trends and product ideas in the sports industry.

In order to identify and assess different concepts, methods and applications for including users and customers in the innovation process, a comprehensive study based on the Desk Research method was carried out at the start of the project. During the course of the study, the following methods were tested regarding their applicability for the sports and leisure industry: Lead user method, analysis and creation of online communities, innovation contests and toolkits for Open Innovation. In addition, we are working on a concept for the potential success assessment of Open Innovation projects for companies in the tourism, sports and leisure industry.

The next project step will revolve around developing a method for identifying, monitoring and evaluating online communities. The new method combines approaches from the fields of netnography (manual analysis of internet communication), web monitoring (automated analysis of internet communication) and trend research. This method is currently used to identify emergent trends and product ideas in the sports industry.

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