KiWi – Knowledge in a Wiki

KiWi – Knowledge in a Wiki is an EU-funded project (No 211932) combining the wiki philosophy with methods of the Semantic Web, aiming to develop a new approach to knowledge management.

The main outcomes of the project will be

  1. an enhanced wiki vision (the “KiWi vision”) describing how the “convention over configuration” paradigm of wikis combined with semantic technologies can lead to flexible and problem-oriented knowledgemanagement,
  2. a collaborative, web-based environment (the “KiWi system”) that provides support for knowledge sharing, knowledge creation, and coordination in software and project knowledge management,
  3. the evaluation of this system in two concrete, representative use cases at our industry partners,
  4. the “KIWI handbook”, describing the project vision, the KiWi system functionalities, as well as giving recommendations and best practices for using the system in concrete knowledge management scenarios.

The KIWI consortium brings together leading research groups (Salzburg Research, Aalborg University, Brno University of Technology, LMU Munich) in the areas of semantic wikis, reasoning, information extraction, personalisation, and knowledge management for software processes. These are matched by two large international corporations in knowledge intensive areas (Sun Microsystems and Logica) that offer use cases demonstrating a clear need for the advanced knowledge management we envision in the project, and by a SME (Semantic Web Company) specialised in the dissemination of semantic technologies to the industry.

How to find us
Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft
Jakob Haringer Straße 5/3
5020 Salzburg, Austria