iCARDEA – An Intelligent Platform for Personalized Remote Monitoring of the Cardiac Patients with Electronic Implant Devices

The iCARDEA Project develops an intelligent platform to automate and personalise the fol-low-up of the cardiac patients with implantable devices.

According to the Heart Rhythm Society and the European Heart Rhythm Association, more than 800,000 patients in Europe have Cardiovascular Implantable Electronic Devices (CIEDs) for the treatment or secondary prevention of cardiac arrhythmias. In addition, the number of follow-up visits for patients with an implanted cardiac device exceeds 5.8 million visits each year, and that number will continue to increase as more devices are implanted. The exponential growth rate of cardiac device implantation calls for new methods of long-term surveillance with a view to optimizing patient safety and care, alleviating the burden of caregivers, and lowering health care costs through ICT support.

iCARDEA project will address this challenge by

  • Exposing CIED data through standard interfaces
  • Developing an intelligent platform to semi-automate the follow-up of the CIED patients with context-aware, adaptable computer interpretable clinical guideline models
  • Achieving EHR interoperability by exposing legacy EHR systems through standard HL7 CDA Release 2 interfaces so that information about patients’ medical history can be obtained from the patient EHR data and used in the clinical follow-up workflow
  • Developing a Patient Empowerment platform providing information feedback, material and education on patient’s health problems
How to find us
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