(e-)Access Lab

Lead users and workshops helped identify the individual problems and needs of people with disabilities in the field of skiing. For innovation reports from the workshops and compact case studies please visit the platform www.active4all.eu.

In order to identify the individual problems and needs that people with disabilities are faced with in the field of skiing, special lead users were chosen for a two-day workshop. During these two days, more than 100 specific problems were addressed, structured and assessed. With the help of special creativity techniques, prototypical solutions were developed and outlined for the most relevant issues. The most important findings from the workshop were summarized in a 40-page innovation report. Further workshops are planned for the future.

In addition, several compact case studies on innovative offers in the tourism, sports and leisure industry were compiled and sent out in an e-Newsletter to more than 1500 decision makers and interested people. The case studies are also accessible on www.active4all.eu, a platform that not only serves as a comprehensive source of information but also fosters an active exchange among the community of accessible tourism, sports and leisure offers.

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