CERTESS -European Cultural Routes – Transfer Experiences, Share Solutions

CERTESS aims at setting up a common methodological framework on how to develop, manage and enhance European Cultural Routes (ECRs), by utilising reference development and governance instruments targeted to foster sustainable cultural tourism.

Most of ECRs identified to date, and regions intersected by them, lack in fact comprehensive methodologies, governance instruments, innovative ideas to implement effective strategies at regional level, with a range of local initiatives that are casually scattered along the route and its associated territory, have no critical mass, do not involve a systematic approach and have poor coherence.

Best Practices (BPs) tackle initiatives on ECRs, from local micro level to higher decision making, to :

  • identify, structure & add value to local cultural & natural heritage assets,
  • develop & adopt well-suited governance tools,
  • promote local enterprises & products along the routes by adopting innovative immaterial services including ITC.

CERTESS partnership includes 11 regional actors from 10 countries all active in ECR development under the coordinating knowledge-repository role of the European Institute of Cultural Routes as Lead Partner.

Transnational Showcase:

European Showcase: