BIB4SGRID – Business Models including Batteries for Smart Grids

Renewable energy sources like solar and wind are naturally very volatile as they depend on the time of day or weather. This provides major challenges for power supply companies.

In order to fully utilize the potential of renewable energy sources their production fluctuations need to be compensated. The study BiB4SGrid investigates options including control of consumers’ power usage, so called Demand Side Management, as well as buffering with batteries.

The potential to control consumers is dependent on their flexibility and is usually very limited. By introducing aggregators which bundle the flexibility of several connected consumers the control potential can be increased. BiB4SGrid will study the economical advantages of such an aggregator in trading energy.

BiB4SGrid will evaluate the trading performance of the aggregator with mathematical and game theoretical models. It focuses on the optimization of the consumer behavior and the effects of installing batteries. Technology and business models are considered to find suitable incentives that lead to win-win situations for consumers and suppliers alike.
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