ANET-TourGuide – TourGuide for Web and Mobile Devices

The project “TourGuide for the Web and Mobile Devices” develops services that help users to plan and make tours and trips in the countryside. The TourGuide provides maps and related multimedia information on specific target areas which allow users to study different offers in detail.

A web portal displays all offers available and allows users to search for specific services in different regions. The mobile device then guides users through the actual tour and provides customised and location specific in-depth information.

The TourGuide is targeted at city tourists, hikers and visitors of theme parks.

Tourism specific contents
Along with tour related information, such as the distance and duration of specific tours, the TourGuide provides information on relevant points of interests, such as sights, guest houses, restaurants and public transport. To structure and manage these contents the project develops a data model for geographically referenced points of interest and a multimedia database. Furthermore, it creates mechanisms for the integration of external data resources and decentralised administration of contents.

How to find us
Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft
Jakob Haringer Straße 5/3
5020 Salzburg, Austria