Fit4AAL: Fit For a New Phase of Life with AAL (Online)


Movement is the key to a long, healthy and autonomous life in old age. Fit4AAL developed an innovative movement coaching with the help of easily upgradeable Smart Home components: Thruogh a combination of personal coaching and technology-based training in your own four walls, the 55+ generation can maintain or even improve their fitness.

The system was tested in a broad field test with 100 households in Vienna, the city of Salzburg and the state of Salzburg. We present results from the accompanying evaluation: effects of technology on users, challenges and marketability.

Fit4AAL Project Closing Event
Fit For a New Phase of Life with AAL

October 1, 2020, in the afternoon
Innovation zone of Salzburg AG, Bayerhamerstraße 16, 5020 Salzburg
Participation in the event is free of charge, but registration is required. Please register on the German event page.

How to find us
Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft
Jakob Haringer Straße 5/3
5020 Salzburg, Austria