AAL Solutions „To Touch“


The search for efficient, socially acceptable solutions to cope with the immense challenges of demographic change is already under way. Modern technologies that support older people and caring relatives in their daily lives (AAL) will play a key role with their innovative power.

Increasing comfort and safety needs, the desire for integration into the direct, familiar living environment and support for independence and mobility (freedom) into old age can be addressed by AAL. This requires high-quality and affordable AAL applications and services as well as accessibility.

For cross-regional and area-wide implementation of AAL solutions comprehensive measures on the political, scientific and economic level are therefore necessary, for the discussion of which the health talks Alpbach offers the ideal interdisciplinary platform.

With the support of Philips as host, AAL AUSTRIA and its members, including Salzburg Research, demonstrate “hands-on” AAL solutions:

Gesundheitsgespräche Alpbach (Health Talks Alpbach)
Alpbach, Tyrol
Philips Innovation Lab (Liechtenstein Hall)
20.8.2019 from 10:00-12:00 o’clock
AAL AUSTRIA Showroom in Alpbach 2019

Salzburg Research Is On Site With The AAL Test Area fit4AAL

Try tomorrow’s training today! Personal coaching and technology-supported movement-promotion program Fit with ILSE of the AAL test region Salzburg/Vienna for the generation 55+
More information about the test region: https://www.fit-mit-ilse.at

What is AAL?

AAL (Active & Assisted Living) can be translated as “age-appropriate assistance systems for a healthy and independent life”. This includes, among other things, concepts, products and services that combine new technologies and the social environment to increase the quality of life for people in all walks of life, especially in old age.

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How to find us
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