DyMoN Handbook: Digital Nudging for sustainable Mobility

Handbook: Digital Nudging for sustainable Mobility

Salzburg Research has published the free handbook “Digital Nudging for sustainable Mobility” based on the results of the DyMoN research project. The handbook is aimed at anyone who wants to motivate people to use more sustainable mobility options – e.g. to switch from cars to bicycles or public transport or to walk.

The handbook explains the basics of behaviour change in a clear way and shows obstacles and factors for individual behaviour. It shows how digital tools can be used to change behaviour and that data can help to make these tools more effective by taking current situations and context into account. As a service for implementation, it offers practical instructions and templates for your own behavioural interventions for sustainable mobility. Valuable lessons learnt from the scientific field test and data protection factors are also included.

Who is this handbook for?

This handbook is primarily intended to serve local decision-makers (e.g., city officials, urban planners) and providers of transport infrastructure and services, who have a stake in increasing sustainable mobility within their community. This handbook is not meant to be an exhaustive framework, but rather a resource to support shaping sustainable urban mobility and to ensure that already existing or planned mobility infrastructure will be used by the public. In turn, this handbook can also be used by app developers who are involved in building mobility interfaces and looking to expand their features to include digital interventions that target the motivational aspects of sustainable mobility. In addition, researchers of various disciplines focused on motivating sustainable mobility can also benefit from this handbook.

Claudia Luger-Bazinger, Michael Thelen, David Leistner, Veronika Hornung-Prähauser, Martin Loidl, Matthias Seeber (2023): Handbook: Digital nudging for sustainable mobility. Salzburg: Salzburg Research. ISBN: 978-3-200-09441-3

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