5G SA Netz in Salzburg

First 5G stand-alone network in operation in Salzburg

Salzburg Research, together with Salzburg AG, has commissioned one of the first 5G stand-alone networks in Austria. Only 5G-stand-alone (SA) enables the full potential of 5G.

The fifth generation of mobile communications promises peak data rates of up to 10 gigabits per second, extremely low latency times (delay times), high availability, high reliability as well as high energy efficiency. The factors of latency, reliability and energy efficiency are particularly important in professional applications. However, the roll-out of 5G to date has largely been carried out by 5G non-stand-alone (NSA), in which essential 4G/LTE elements continue to be used. Promises such as low latency can only be realised in 5G SA networks.

A provider-independent 5G-SA research infrastructure has now been created in Salzburg. Different configurations are being tested in the 5G Exploration Space: Interactions are to be excluded, security and privacy are to be guaranteed. At the same time, vendor-independent monitoring tools are being developed to monitor network characteristics.

The 5G SA network can be used by research institutions and companies to test their own applications. The experience gained will help in the proper deployment and optimisation of the 5G network. In addition, the local know-how strengthens Salzburg as a business location and also offers smaller companies access to independent information and analysis options. In the 5G Exploration Space Salzburg, funded within the framework of the WISS strategy of the state of Salzburg, the competences of important Salzburg research institutions are bundled. Equipment and frequencies are provided by Salzburg AG.

5G Exploration Space Salzburg: 5g-explorationspace.net

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