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Please Vote: Bicycle Quality Nominated For The VCÖ Mobility Award

In 2020, the VCÖ Mobility Prize has the motto “Bring traffic to a climate course”. 385 projects, research projects, concepts and ideas were submitted in 2020 and evaluated by a jury of 60 experts. Our “Bike Quality” service was also nominated among the top 5 in the “Digitization” category. The VCÖ Mobility Prize 2020 is now entering the final evaluation phase, the online audience voting. We ask for your vote for “Bike Quality“:
The public voting runs until Monday, July 27, 2020.

Bike Quality: A Close Look at Bike Infrastructure

For environmental protection and sustainability, the bicycle is the best means of transport for short to medium distances. However, in order to increase the bicycle traffic share and to contribute to the achievement of climate goals, targeted measures are required to expand and improve the existing bicycle infrastructure. The better and safer the bicycle infrastructure, the more it is used. With “Bike Quality”, Salzburg Research uses digital technologies to identify the areas with the greatest need for action in the cycle path network. Salzburg Research developed an app for recording the surface quality of cycling infrastructure and a server-based method for data analysis and display on a map. Salzburg Research developed a quality assessment for the monitoring of the condition of the road surface by data extraction of the so-called unevenness index of road surfaces and the determination of strong impacts due to targeted traffic. Mounted on a Specialized road bike without a suspensionfork, the app records vibrations, shocks, speed, stops and stop length. The data obtained in this way are analysed by Salzburg Research and displayed on a digital street graph (e.g. OpenStreetMap or the Austrain graph integration platform – GIP). The open source software Graphium (Apache 2.0 license) developed by Salzburg Research is used here. Depending on their condition, the bike paths are visualized in green, yellow or red on the city map.
“Bike Quality” was developed by Salzburg Research on behalf of the uml salzburg (urban mobility laboratory salzburg). In spring 2020, several test subjects equipped with the app travelled a total of 3,000 kilometers on bike paths in the city on behalf of the city of Salzburg. The average quality of the bike paths was determined by frequent use and visualized on a map. This digital measurement of the bike infrastructure thus led to a unique database for research and traffic planning in the city of Salzburg and provided a basis for future planning and targeted improvement in the quality of the bike infrastructure. If you are interested, this quality measurement of the bicycle infrastructure can be offered for other cities and municipalities in Austria. Vote for„Bike Quality“ now:

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