Wolfgang Kremser, Gewinner des Science Slam Salzburg

Wolfgang Kremser Rocks the Science Slam

It was a brilliant victory at the Science Slam in Salzburg: Our colleague Wolfgang Kremser showed that research does not have to be dust-dry.

Wolfgang Kremser: „I Like To Move It, Move It!“ (Gewinner Science Slam Salzburg 2018)

Mit dem Klick auf das Bild werden durch den mit uns gemeinsam Verantwortlichen Youtube (Google Ireland Limited) das Video abgespielt, auf Ihrem PC Skripte geladen sowie personenbezogene Daten erfasst.

I like to move it!

His topic: Motion Tracking. With self-sewn sensors in his sweat pants, he wants to measure movement not only quantitatively – but also qualitatively. Meaning: Not only measure how much you move, but also how good. The incorporated sensors measure the rotational speed and the acceleration. Wolfgang Kremser demonstrated with the help of a fidget spinner what it is all about.

There are numerous applications for this kind of research: in rehabilitation or Active Assisted Living (AAL) for the elderly, in film and games as motion capture or in professional sports for performance analysis.

Wolfgang’s research is part of numerous current research projects and projects in the field of Health & Sports at Salzburg Research.

The Salzburg Research Team congratulates on his win!

Photo credits: WhyT.org

Wolfgang Kremser, Gewinner des Science Slam Salzburg

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