9th IT-Businesstalk: Digital Technologies as the future of companies

The 9th IT-Businesstalk from Salzburg Research and nic.at devoted to the future topic „Business as usual? How platforms and blockchain change business models”. High-caliber lecturers from research and practice have given the numerous visitors a chance to learn about chances and opportunities in the online business.

„Blockchain and platforms are building blocks of the next web revolution. They challenge well-known and proven systems, shatter established business models, and on the other hand offer unprecedented flexibility for start-ups and companies that jump early on this train”, says Siegfried Reich, Managing Director of Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH.

The future of the Internet in the field of online business models are blockchain, bitcoin and smartcontracts. These should make money transfers safer and reduce the influence of the few global players in this area. With the digital currency Bitcoin, Blockchain technology has been used for long already especially in the finance sector.

Online platforms were another big topic of the talk. Through direct interaction between different market groups, they enable direct as well as indirect network effects. This opens up many possibilities, but also carries some dangers.

You will find more detailed information about the 9th IT-Businesstalk in our press release (in German).

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