Video: These were the Maker Days Vol.2

In November 2016, Salzburg Research, in cooperation with the city library Stadt:Bibliothek and the Verein Spektrum organized a sequel to the “Maker Days”. Every Friday was under the guidance of Maker professionals and recreational educationalists, tinkered, photographed, designed and 3D printed.

Maker Days Vol.2: Analog meets Digital

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Analog meets digital: Each Friday between 25 and 40 children and young people were creative. Each afternoon was under a different theme. On day one, biscuit cutters from metal strips were bent and soldered or designed on the computer and printed with the 3D printer. On the second date, various instruments were produced or printed out in the music workshop. From flutes to rattles and rainmakers to mini guitars – everything was there and was given at the joint final concert. The Verein KOMPASS association showed young people how a circuit works and how to use a computer with fruits and vegetables. Day three was entirely dedicated to robots: robot models could be modelled on a PC and robotic games could be programmed, small vibrobots could be built or motorized LEGO robots assembled with e² Young Engineers. On the last of the four afternoons, the young photographers painted in the photo workshop with light, animated cartoons, designed creative figures for our 3D printer, or took pictures with self-made hole cameras that could be developed directly in a darkroom.

A month full of tinkering, crafting and discoveries once again came to an end. The Maker Days Vol.2 were at least as successful as their previous editions. This is why it will not keep at this time and the Maker Days will be a continuation in 2017.

Learn more about Maker Days Vol.2: Maker Days Vol.2 at Stadt:Bibliothek


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