Autonomic Minibus in Salzburg


Salzburg Research presented the first self-propelled minibus on Austria’s roads during a premiere tour on 19 October 2016. In the public transport sector, accessing the “last mile” – the journey from the stop to the destination or home – is critical for customer acceptance. Self-propelled minibuses can significantly improve the attractiveness of public transport as a local feeder.

Hier fährt die Zukunft

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Federal Minister of State Jörg Leichtfried (BMVIT), governor Wilfried Haslauer, District Administrator of transport Hans Mayr, Land Councilor Christian Nagl, City Councilor Johann Padutsch and Club Chairman Bernhard Auinger (for BGM Heinz Schaden) as well as Archbishop Franz Lackner and other decision-makers assured themselves of the technology at the premiere ride. Together, the stakeholders want to make local public transport in Salzburg more attractive in the future by means of automated vehicles.

Salzburg Research has been one of the leading research institutes in Austria for a test permit for self-propelled vehicles in public transport and for the testing of a test region in the province of Salzburg. In this test region in Salzburg, possibilities for making the public transport more attractive with the help of self-propelled vehicles will be explored and tested. Within the framework of this initiative, and on the occasion of the 14th anniversary of ‘Salzburger Verkehrsstage’, Salzburg Research presented the first self-propelled minibus on Austria’s roads on 19 October 2016.

Innovation lab to develop the “last mile”

“Automated and semi-automated vehicles are likely to get through more quickly than many can imagine today. Until such vehicles actually go into real operation, however, many questions and general conditions still need to be clarified, “says Karl Rehrl, head of the research focus on mobility at Salzburg Research. “Many questions can only be answered by means of systematic test environments with simulations, laboratory tests as well as closed and also public test tracks. For this reason, Salzburg Research has applied for a test permit for self-propelled vehicles in public transport as well as for testing a test region in the state of Salzburg. ”

Test drive in Salzburg

The test drives with the French NAVYA ARMA minibus were made possible by support from Salzburg Research, Land Salzburg, Salzburg City, Salzburg Verkehr and LEADER Region Fumo.

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