IKS Community Survey – Lets build a Service together

As we approach the end of the official IKS project phase (end of 2012) it is time to shift our focus and effort towards ensuring that the results continue to provide value beyond 2012 to a broad community.

The recent announcements of Apache Stanbol becoming a top-level project at the Apache Software Foundation and for example TYPO3 Neos adopting VIE and Create.js for its content editing framework, are evidence that substantial progress has already been made. However we have also been asked by early adopters and developers to provide a stable and reliable web service for the running of demonstrators/prototypes and overall testing of the Stanbol enhancement engines. Also we consider such a service as key to keep building on the ecosystem of partners that are using Apache Stanbol and to preserve “openess” as one key foundation of the overall project.

So we have decided to go to the community in the form of a survey to ask about the setup and needs of a “Stanbol as a Service”. We have kept the form as short as possible so please do take the time to tell us how you would like to use such a service as part of growing your business further.

Please also share this with other relevant contacts.

Go to the IKS Online Survey – 15 minutes max, I promise.

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