Teenagers as Researchers

Salzburg Research regularly host a bunch of interns – during summer mainly “Talente Entdecken” interns. “Talente entdecken” is an initiative by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (Talente entdecken) for students at the age of 15 and up. They have the possibility to expand their horizons in a 4-week paid internship in the various areas of computer science.

The motivations to apply for this internship are numerous: Whether it was the hint of a brother, a school’s exclamation or the will for meaningful occupation during the holidays. The Internet was very important in all directions, because most of them found their internship direction online – in one of Salzburg Research’s research areas or in the Communications department.

The five interns in the research area KMT (Knowledge and Media Technologies) Maria Posch, Georg Maringer, Elias Rabl, Daniel Mayer and Joachim Akhgar are working diligently on a search engine, that helps users to find people or products. They already finished the final design for the user- interface. Consequently, they are well on shedule and try to start programming. After that they’ll test their search engine on different Browsers.

The research department MOWI (Mobile and Web-based information system) hosts interns, too:  Lorenz Braumann, Alexander Akhgar and Bernhard Radlinger are already involved in the business.

But not only “Talente entdecken” interns are at Salzburg Research. Saskia Schild, a student at the University of Salzburg, is working on a SKOS editor to ease the sorting and retrieval of information. In her self-made project plan, she has already completed the theory and is now studying the JavaScript. Her advantage to the “Talente entdecken” interns is that she is able to work longer on her project – until September.

In August 2011 the final presentation of the interns’ projects in the various research areas will be held. The “Talente entdecken” interns show what they have done during their internship.(Report by “Talente entdecken” interns Julia Willinger and Kerstin Glachs)

Was ist Forschung?

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Video by Kerstin Glachs and Julia Willinger

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