Smart Content Factory – Approaching the Vision

Georg Güntner, Siegfried Reich (2005): Smart Content Factory – Approaching the Vision In: 9th International Conference on Electronic Publishing, 08.-10. Juni 2005, Leuven (Belgium)

In this paper we describe the objectives and achievements in developing the vision of a „Smart Content Factory“. The „Smart Content Factory“ aims at the creation of a knowledge-aware system infrastructure to improve the utilization (re-use and adaptation) of audiovisual content. We will provide an overview of the project objectives and introduce „digital content engineering“ as a scientific discipline dealing with concepts, methodologies, techniques and tools for a quantifiable approach towards the vision of smart content, thereby addressing future scenarios of electronic publishing, especially for embedded publishers. We will further take a look at the user and system requirements of the „Smart Content Factory“ and their impact on the architecture of the system prototype.

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