Next Generation Live iTV Formats and Aesthetics:

Richard Wages, Stefan Grünvogel, Georg Güntner, Janez Zaletelj (2007): Next Generation Live iTV Formats and Aesthetics: A Joint Scientific and Artistic Approach In: Proceedings of the eChallenges e-2007: Conference & Exhibition, seventeenth in a series of technology research conferences supported by the European Commission, 24-26 October 2007, The Hague, The Netherlands, April 2007

In this work we describe our vision of next generation live iTV formats, which consist of a broadcast bouquet of meaningfully interwoven and cross- referencing parallel sub-channels covering a single live event in multi-view or even several concurring live events. At the same time these sub-channels have to serve a diversity of consumer interests and moods. To achieve this future live broadcasting production teams will need both, artistic and conceptual patterns to create such live formats, as well as a maximum technological support to realise such shows in real-time. We describe our developed foundational components of the envisaged system, which according to our approach consist of a set of live staging concepts, a framework for the management of intelligent media assets and a recommender system. Furthermore we argue for the integration of knowledge and sophistication achieved by live audio-visual artists, namely Video Jockeys, who hence participated in our first live staging tests. We conclude with a short description of our next step,
the integration of instant consumer feedback, to complete the system for the upcoming field trial during the 2008 Olympics.

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