Learning with Semantic Wikis.

Sebastian Schaffert, Diana Bischof, Tobias Bürger, Andreas Gruber, Wolf Hilzensauer, Sandra Schaffert (2006): Learning with Semantic Wikis. In: First Workshop "SemWiki2006 - From Wiki to Semantics", co-located with the 3rd Annual European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC), Budva, Montenegro, 11.-14.6.2006

The knowledge society requires life-long learning and flexible
learning environments that allow learners to learn whenever they have
time, whereever they are, and according to their own needs and background
knowledge. In this article, we investigate how Semantic Wikis
–, a combination of Wiki and Semantic Web technology –, can support
learners in such flexible learning environments. We first summarise common
features of Wikis and Semantic Wikis and then describe different
aspects of Semantic Wikis for learning. We also introduce our Semantic
Wiki system called IkeWiki and show why it is particularly promising as
a learning tool.

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