Siegfried Reich, Erich Gams (2001): Trailist Focusing on document activity for assisting navigation In: Proceedings of the 2001 ACM Conference on Hypertext, August 14-18, Aarhus, DK

Trails are a long established concept of assisting users in searching and navigating hypertexts. However, existing trail-based systems are focusing on browsers only and therefore do not fully exploit the notion of trails. We propose trail-based systems to be open to any application and to any activity. For instance, printing a document from a word processor, posting a message in a newsgroup, or forwarding an attachment to a friend – using one’s favorite e-mail client – may well be part of a trail.

“Trailist” is a framework supporting the development of these trail-based systems. Its name indicates that, similar to the way “Tour-ists” travel on tours, “Trail-ists” make their ways through vast information spaces.

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