Towards automated engineering and validation of cyber-physical energy systems

Filip Pröstl Andrén, Thomas I. Strasser, Jürgen Resch, Bernhard Schuiki, Sebastian Schöndorfer, Georg Panholzer & Christof Brandauer (2019): Towards automated engineering and validation of cyber-physical energy systems In: Energy Informatics volume 2, 21 (2019)

The massive deployment of distributed generators from renewable sources in recent years has led to a fundamental paradigm change in terms of planning and operation of the electric power system. The usage of advanced automation and information and communication technology is a key element to handle these new challenges and to turn the traditional power system into a smart grid. The implementation of such complex systems solutions is associated with increasing development complexity resulting in increased engineering costs. The traditional engineering methods used for power system automation were not intended to be used for applications of this scale and complexity. However, the usage of proper methods, automation architectures, and corresponding tools holds huge optimization potential for the engineering process. Therefore, this work presents a model-based engineering and validation support system, covering the overall engineering process for smart grid applications.

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