The Tourism Industry.

Markus Lassnig, Mark Markus, Andreas Strasser (2007): The Tourism Industry. In: European Commission / e-Business W@tch (2007). The European e-Business Report 2006/07 edition. A portrait of e-business in 10 sectors of the EU economy. 5th Synthesis Report of the e-Business W@tch. Brussels. pp. 167-177. ISBN 92-79-02038-2

The European Commission, Enterprise & Industry Directorate General, launched the e-Business W@tch to monitor the growing maturity of electronic business across different sectors of the economy in the enlarged European Union, EEA and Accession countries. Since January 2002, the e-Business W@tch has analysed e-business developments and impacts in manufacturing, construction, financial and service sectors.

Link zum Dokument: E-Business Watch – Executive Summary (pdf)

This document is a sector study by e-Business W@tch, focusing on the tourism industry. Its objective is to describe how companies in this industry use ICT for conducting business, to assess the impact of this development for firms and for the industry as a whole, and to indicate possible implications for policy. Analysis is based on literature, interviews, case studies and a survey among decision-makers in European enterprises from the tourism industry about the ICT use of their company.

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