The MOME Workstation as a Platform for Automatic Analysis of Measurement Data

Marek Dabrowski, Jaroslaw Sliwinski, Felix Strohmeier (2005): The MOME Workstation as a Platform for Automatic Analysis of Measurement Data In: 2005 Tyrrhenian International Workshop on Digital Communications, Distributed Cooperative Laboratories - Issues in Networking, Instrumentation and Measurements - Sorrento, Italy, July 4-6

Abstract: The paper describes the Data Analysis Workstation developed by the IST project MOME (Monitoring and Measurement Cluster). The MOME project maintains the repository of information about publicly available measurement data, like e.g. packet traces, flow traces, routing data, and others. The collected information includes the detailed description of an assumed measurement scenario, as well as selected statistical parameters obtained by data analysis methods. The MOME repository aims at providing assistance to the research community in finding and retrieving raw measurement data, which is most appropriate from the point of view of different research objectives. In this paper we discuss the design and development of the MOME Data Analysis Workstation. It extends the MOME Database with capabilities for automatic statistical analysis of submitted measurement data. The included exemplary results of analysis performed on packet traces captured in a measurement site associated with MOME illustrate that the MOME Database provides the researchers with useful information about available measurement data.

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