Patient-Empowerment Services for Diabetes Self-Management

Felix STROHMEIER, Ilias LAMPRINOS, and Yildiray KABAK (2014): Patient-Empowerment Services for Diabetes Self-Management Poster, MIE 2014 conference, Istanbul

Diabetes patients have the need for personal self-management to foster a step-wise change in their lifestyle. In this poster we present a system that integrates multiple services to guide patients through their self-management pathway (SMP) which has been developed in the FP7 project EMPOWER.

1. Methods

The SMP starts during a medical consultation, where the healthcare provider forwards patient-specific recommendations to the patients’ PHRS. Based on these recommendations, the patient should be able to derive self-management goals and schedule concrete activities for the upcoming week. During the week, the patient may receive reminders to perform the activities and will collect “observations of daily living” (ODLs) using his smartphone or a web application. After that, the patient performs a weekly review to be used as basis for upcoming consultations.

2. Results

This poster presentation shows the implementation of the following EMPOWER services: recommender engine, SMP service, security and consent management, mobile and web-based user interaction.

3. Discussion

The EMPOWER SMP integrates services medical professionals and patients: A decision support service that provides treatment and self-management recommendations based on Electronic Health Record Data and personal health applications in various flavors like smartphone or web-application based on a Personal Health Record System.

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