OWAMP Performance and Interoperability Tests

Helder Veiga, Rui Valadas, Paulo Salvador, António Nogueira, Thomas Pfeiffenberger, Felix Strohmeier (2006): OWAMP Performance and Interoperability Tests In: Internet Performance, Simulation, Monitoring and Measurement. Proceedings of IPS-MoMe 2006, Salzburg, Austria

Abstract: Actual IP networks must support a huge diversity of applications and services and have to cope with many user behaviors and different mechanisms of traffic generation and control. The combined effects of all these factors lead to a highly variable traffic that brings increasing challenges to network management operations. In this context, active traffic monitoring is particularly important as it enables characterizing essential aspects of network operation like, for example, quality of service measured in terms of packet delays and losses. One-Way Active Measurement Protocol (OWAMP) is a recent proposal of the Internet2 group that is currently being standardized by IETF under the scope of the IPPM group. OWAMP is an architecture used to perform active measurements of one-way delays and losses between hosts. Recently, different implementations of OWAMP were developed and their interoperability must be assured. This paper describes a set of performance and interoperability tests that were carried out between two different implementations of the OWAMP
protocol (Internet2 OWAMP and J-OWAMP): a first test that intended to illustrate the correct interoperability of both implementations in terms of the expected operating behavior of the different system components, a second test that intended to compare performance measurement results obtained using both implementations and a third test that intended to check for the symmetry/asymmetry of the Internet links connecting the two measurement sites that were used in the experiments. The main results of the tests are presented, as well as the most important conclusions.

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