Handbook: Digital nudging for sustainable mobility

Claudia Luger-Bazinger, Michael Thelen, David Leistner, Veronika Hornung-Prähauser, Martin Loidl, Matthias Seeber (2023): Handbook: Digital nudging for sustainable mobility Salzburg: Salzburg Research. ISBN: 978-3-200-09441-3

Are you interested in motivating people to use more sustainable mobility options, like switching over from driving their car to bicycling, walking or taking public transport? Then this handbook on digital nudging for sustainable mobility is right for you. You might wonder why you need additional input when trying to encourage people to change their mobility patterns – after all, there are many examples already out there. Nevertheless, we want to offer you a different perspective: rather than merely replicating examples from others that might or might not have worked, with this handbook, you will learn to think about changing mobility behaviour in a more holistic way. You will identify barriers and facilitators of individual behaviour by using a model of behaviour change, which helps you tackle the underlying problem, rather than assuming or guessing what might work. You will also realize how digital tools can be used to change behaviour, and that data can help these tools be more effective by incorporating current situations and context. 

For these reasons, this handbook explains digitally enabled behaviour change for sustainable mobility, which means using digital tools to change behaviour in one’s physical environment. You surely know about this from fitness and sports – are you wearing a smartwatch right now or do you have a smartphone app that tracks your physical activity? Then you have first-hand experience with digitally enabled behaviour change! We can transfer this idea to mobility, as we will demonstrate throughout the handbook. The handbook explains in a clear manner the basics of behaviour change, how digital tools can help, gives hands-on instructions and provides canvases for your own behavioural interventions for sustainable mobility. 

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