DigiCULT.Info V.

John Pereira et.al. (2003): DigiCULT.Info V. DigiCULT Newsletter.

ARKive and educational games –, human language technologies –, introduction to Applications Service Providers –, astronomical photo archive, interview with Jean-Pierre de Cuyper –, news for European projects –, DAVID –, DELOS –, E-CultureNet –, open source solutions –, digitisation in Turkish libraries –, Open Video Archive.

Please welcome to the next edition in a series of e-journals from DigiCULT. Heritage Informatics continues to emerge as an exciting area for both the application of new technologies and as a source for research challenges that promote innovative technological developments.

An extra day in Berlin after IFLA2003 provided an opportunity to visit the Museumsinsel, one of the finest museum complexes in the world. Currently many of its buildings are undergoing extensive renovations. As on my right I passed the reopened Alte Nationalgalerie I noticed one of the buildings currently wrapped for restoration was covered by a massive poster. In the words Weltkultur beflügelt (world culture gives wings) it asks all who pass to consider the liberating power of the cultural heritage. Articles in this issue of DigiCULT.Info all show the power of new technologies in helping cultural heritage institutions in achieving their objective of improving the care, understanding and benefits of cultural heritage to individuals and society. Reflecting on the phrase Weltkultur beflügelt, we are reminded that technology is an enabler and not an end in itself.
Seamus Ross

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