Developing Advanced Multimedia Presentations with Java

Siegfried Reich, Martin Schaller, Rupert Westenthaler (2001): Developing Advanced Multimedia Presentations with Java In: Java One - Sun

The Java Media Framework (JMF) extends the Java Technology by exhaustive multimedia capabilities. This session demonstrates the usage of the JMF and related technologies to write advanced multimedia applets and applications. One of the examples that this session will be treat is the development of a SMIL Player in Java (named “Schmunzel” which is German for “a little smile”). SMIL is short for Synchronised Multimedia Integration Language and is a standard supported by the World-Wide Web Consortium. Schmunzel supports SMIL 1.0.

Additional topics that are covered in the presentation include the streaming of audio and video files using RTP and the integration of multimedia components into the Swing architecture.

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