Automated Creation and Testing of Substation HMIs.

C. Brandauer, F. Pröstl Andren, T. Strasser, J. Resch (2021): Automated Creation and Testing of Substation HMIs. In: Proceedings of the PAC World Conference 2021.

The engineering and validation of substation visualizations are still labor-intensive tasks. Most of the configuration steps are typically done manually and are thus error-prone and time consuming; they contribute to a significant degree to the overall engineering costs. The goal of this work is to decrease these costs and to increase the quality of the engineering process at the same time. The corresponding approach is based on a general concept of a model-based, automated engineering and validation framework that covers the entire engineering process of modern energy applications. First, the rationale behind this framework and its cornerstones are presented. Then, it is shown how an IEC 61850-based substation visualization can be generated and validated through automated signal tests. A prototypical implementation of the approach yields encouraging results as a high degree of automation is achieved.

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