An advanced measurement meta-repository

Pedro A. Aranda Gutiérrez, Antal Bulanza, Marek Dabrowski, Baiba Kaskina, Juergen Quittek, Carsten Schmoll, Felix Strohmeier, Attila Vidacs, Kardos Sandor Zsolt (2005): An advanced measurement meta-repository In: proceeding of 3rd International Workshop on Internet Performance, Simulation, Monitoring and Measurement, IPS-MoMe 2005, March 14-15, Warsaw, Poland

The paper proposes meta-data models for information about public repositories of measurement and monitoring data and tools. The meta-data model consists of a set of attributes, which describe the features of the actual data of interest. The discussed meta-data models constitute a base for the advanced meta-repository of measurement tools and data, which was developed by the IST project MOME (Monitoring and Measurement Cluster). MOME is coordinating several European projects working on different issues related with traffic measurement and monitoring in IP-based networks. The MOME meta-repository is a platform for exchange of information between researchers working with the measurement data and tools. Exemplary usage scenarios described in this paper demonstrate the capabilities of the implemented MOME meta-repository.

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