Active Monitoring Toolkit for Long-term QoS Analysis in Large Scale Internet

Ulrich Hofmann, Ilka Miloucheva, Thomas Pfeiffenberger, Felix Strohmeier (2004): Active Monitoring Toolkit for Long-term QoS Analysis in Large Scale Internet In: Inter-domain Performance and Simulation Workshop, Budapest, March 2004

This paper presents the CM toolset active monitoring toolkit based on the controlled interaction between different components and integrated data base to support longterm QoS analysis in large scale Internet. Initially developed in the AQUILA EU project for QoS /SLA monitoring, the CM Toolset was enhanced in INTERMON EU project with new facilities for active topology discovery (traceroute) and time series data analysis of QoS parameter data to get valid and useful status information over long time for performance and fault management, network resource planning and active QoS/SLA monitoring. The paper shows the collaborative usage of the tools and the role of the integrated data base to support QoS analysis for longterm performance  management scenarios.
The paper discusses based on scenarios methods for QoS time series pattern analysis, especially the usage of linear approximation for supporting for efficient representation and understanding of long term QoS parameter data describing the quality of inter-domain Internet connections. Based on real QoS and topology monitoring data collected in the CMToolset data base, involving European Internet Providers, „,what-if“, analysis based on gradient descriptions of increase /decrease patterns is discussed.

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