AC Algorithms in AQUILA QoS IP Network

Christof Brandauer (2002): AC Algorithms in AQUILA QoS IP Network In: Proceedings of the Second Polish-German Teletraffic Symposium, September 2002

This paper introduces different AC (Admission Control) algorithms implemented in the multi-service AQUILA QoS IP network. They are aimed at regulating volume of submitted traffic inside network services designed for handling real-time streaming VBR (Variable Bit Rate) and elastic (more precisely, produced by greedy TCP sources) flows. For streaming flows, the MBAC (Measurement Based AC) scheme assuming well known Hoeffding bound formula for assessment sufficient link capacity for guaranteeing given packet loss ratio is involved. This approach demands aggregate mean bit rate measurements and peak bit rate declarations. For elastic flows, two alternative AC algorithms are discussed, both targeted for assuring requested TCP throughput. First one follows the Token Bucket Marking (TBM) concept while the second assumes setting of advertised receiver TCP window size, allowing us to maintain the ideal TCP behaviour (lossless packet transfer). In the paper, a short overview of each of the above mentioned AC algorithms is provided. The simulation and experimental results showing the effectiveness of particular AC algorithms are also included.

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