A rate controller for long-lived TCP flows

Peter Dorfinger, Christof Brandauer, Ulrich Hofmann (2002): A rate controller for long-lived TCP flows In: Proceedings of the Joint International Workshop on Interactive Distributed Multimedia Systems and Protocols for Multimedia Systems (IDMS/PROMS), 2002, pages 154-165, November 2002.

In this paper a new mechanism for providing an assured rate to a longlived TCP flow is proposed. The mechanism is called TCP rate controller (TRC) and operates as a traffic conditioner at the edge of a network. The TRC seeks to achieve the requested rate by imposing well directed drops and (artificial) delays on the flow?s packets. The choice of drop probability and delay is based on an analytical model of TCP sending behavior. It is shown in a simulation study that the TRC performs well over a broad range of requested rates and network RTTs.

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