myTV – my Semantically Enhanced Personalized TV Experience

myTV’s aim is to support Austrian IPTV providers to reach the next level in the Internet TV evolution by providing methods and tools that lower the hurdles for content and infrastructure providers.

The outcome of myTV is both relevant for Europe and Austria. The outcomes of the myTV project open new and larger markets to the consortium partners and other companies that are concerned with the next generation of personalized TV solutions in Austria and Europe.

Intelligent digital TV is a growing industry sector of the entertainment industry and Europe’s most important broadcasters and telecommunication providers have launched or will launch Internet TV services in the near future. Participation in this global market is a significant source of revenue for Austrian infrastructure providers in general and the content providers in particular in order for them to remain competitive. The IPTV market evolution offers numer-ous new possibilities as content can be accessed through different terminals or end user de-vices in various situations. While content and service providers are constantly looking for new business opportunities and targeted offerings, existing IPTV systems are limited in ser-vices personalization which is important to realize targeted services and increase user satis-faction.
The goal of the myTV project is to personalize the end user IPTV experience using context-based and social media technologies. It aims to personalize IPTV content consumption by tailoring content and access to IPTV offerings to portable user profiles and to port IPTV offer-ings to the era of the Web2.0. The project will take a user-centric approach to investigate fundamental aspects of consumers’ content customisation needs, interaction requirements and entertainment wishes and intends to shape the future of TV in all its new forms.
More generally, the core objectives of the myTV project are to develop context aware tools that are dependant on individual aspects, such as time, space, or mood, for (i) personalized content selection, (ii) packaging and adaptation of content and (iii) social interaction in con-sumer communities.
To realize the myTV vision, the project will implement a set of modules that can be seam-lessly integrated into existing IPTV environments:

  1. The context-aware module that enhances existing user and context modelling tech-niques in order to gather
  2. and maintain user profile information.
  3. The personalized service delivery module to enable personalized access to content.
  4. The community module that allows user interaction on top of static IPTV programmes by integrating community-oriented and social interaction features.

In order to demonstrate the feasibility of the modules and their integration into an existing IPTV platform, the myTV project will realize an Austrian use case and a trial with existing households.

The myTV project and its consortium are part of the European UP-TO-US project in the Celtic programme. myTV delivers an Austrian proof-of-concept demonstrator to show the feasibility of its results.

How to find us
Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft
Jakob Haringer Straße 5/3
5020 Salzburg, Austria