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Design Service Jam – from the idea tot he prototype in 48 hours

Feb 17-19 2017

On 17-19 February 2017 the Global Service jam will take place for the second time in Salzburg City. In two days, a service idea will be developed in small teams and a prototype will be built. This means: LEARNING, DOING, NETWORKING and much FUN.

Date: Friday 17 February – Sunday 19 February 2017
Time: Friday 16:30 – Sunday 16:30
Location: TechnoZ Salzburg
Costs: 48,- (per hour 1,- 😉 )

The number of participants is limited!
Secure your ticket now: Registration – still available!

Global Service Design Jam: A question – a world – MANY possibilities

Since 2010, the Design Jam service has been taking place worldwide.
The recipe is simple: Take a common theme, develop service concepts, use methods of design thinking, cooperate in a group of students, professors, entrepreneurs and nerds over a maximum duration of 48 hours, Build a presentable prototype, and show it on the web platform “Planet Jam” of the worldwide community.

This year’s topic is – as every year – still strictly secret. It is unveiled to the participants worldwide at the same time. In a team of 2-4 people, you develop, moderate and accompany an idea to a prototype. With a short video – simply filmed with the mobile phone – the idea is finally presented to the whole world. The Design Thinking method can be applied to yourself at any time. And it is fun!

It’s about doing and not talking about it!

Sustainable learning

All participants learn methods of design thinking: use innovative mindset, how does service design work? What methods and tools help you design? It’s all about trying. Collaboration with people from different disciplines and industries creates great ideas.

Work materials and physical well-being are provided throughout the weekend. Notebooks, tablets, mobile phones are welcome.

You can find more information about the procedure here.