Collision warnings for cyclists: current research results


Forum at the GI_Salzburg 2023 Conference – International Forum on Geoinformatics 2023

6 July 2023, 11:00-12:15
Salzburg, Austria

Collision warnings for cyclists: Presentation and discussion of current research results from the Bike2CAV project.

In recent years, the multidisciplinary consortium of the project has been intensively researching more safety for cyclists by means of cooperative detection of collision risks. For the first time, a proof-of-concept prototype (TRL 4) that warns Vulnerable Road Users of collision risks based on wireless communication between an automated vehicle (CAV), the infrastructure and the bicycle has been implemented and real-world tested in urban and rural areas. New technological developments in the field of vehicle communication (ITS-G5), bicycle sensor technology and environment perception were used in these real-life tests. In this forum, results from the research project Bike2CAV will be presented and discussed with the expert audience how this concept or other solutions in this area can be designed to reduce the risk of collision for cyclists and thus increase their safety.


  • Introduction to the project, Salzburg Research
  • Risk zones for cyclists at traffic junctions, Kuratorium für Verkehrssicherheit and University of Salzburg
  • Detection of cyclists by vehicles or infrastructure and V2X communication, Kapsch TrafficCom
  • Real-time warnings of collision risks for cyclists, Salzburg Research and Austrian Road Safety Board
  • Results of real-life tests with focus on cooperative detection of collision risks, Salzburg Research
  • Discussion with the participants

Chair(s): Cornelia Zankl (Salzburg Research, Austria)

Presenter(s): Hatun Atasayar (Kuratorium für Verkehrssicherheit), Martin Loidl (Universität Salzburg), Balazs Barnucz (Kapsch TrafficCom), Eva Hollauf (Salzburg Research), Karl Rehrl (Salzburg Research)

Conference Agenda:

Cornelia Zankl

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