Report Apache Marmotta Tutorial @ ISWC2014, Riva del Garda

Oct 19-20 2014

This ISWC2014 tutorial introduced into Apache Marmotta, an open and extensible platform for Linked Data, which provides SPARQL 1.1 and LDP 1.0 support, with many modules and extensions, hosted by the Apache Software Foundation.
The tutorial showed in a hands-on workshop how to setup Apache Marmotta, how to use it as a Linked Data Platform server for publishing and maintaining datasets, and how to build and extend Linked Data applications based on this platform. A specific focus was on Apache Marmotta’s semantic media management capabilities with an introduction into the SPARQL-MM multimedia querying extension.

The audience of the workshop was Semantic Web practitioners/developers interested in the upcoming Linked Data Platform and/or in Semantic Media Management, as well as researchers with a general interest in the topic. Since the topic is of high relevance, we expect around 20-30 participants to the tutorial. More than 30 would be difficult to manage in the proposed tutorial format.

Participants should have prior knowledge on using Linked Data and related technologies, like RDF and SPARQL. They should also have basic programming skills in Java and/or Javascript.

More information on the venue, the agenda, and the presenters see: