Networking of Consumer, Production and Service: 8 Recommendations for Action

A current publication helps companies to reduce uncertainties about digitization.Eight concrete recommendations for action serve as guidelines on how companies can profitably implement digital transformation for themselves.

We have known the challenges and opportunities of digitization long before the Corona crisis. In an EU comparison, Austrian companies are in the middle of the field and therefore have some catching up to do in the areas of e-commerce, social media marketing and the deployment and use of digital / smart services (European Commission 2017). As can be seen from the cross-section of companies in Austria, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) still have the most deficits in the area of digitization.

The current publication “When customers, production and services are more closely networked – a digital transformation model” (Wenn Kunde, Produktion und Dienstleistung stärker vernetzt werden – ein digitales Transformationsmodell) by the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and Salzburg Research addresses topics relating to the acceptance of modern information and communication technologies such as cloud computing or digital twins, as well as the Internet of Thinks IoT). Different aspects of these topics are made accessible to different target groups – small and medium-sized companies, research and educational institutions as well as political decision-makers.

The report aims to help companies reduce uncertainty. In addition to data and facts on the increasing servicing of products in Austria, a useful tool is described with which the entrepreneurial innovation capacity can be increased in a structured process. A transformation model illuminates the customer side and shows which customer acceptance parameters the innovation drivers z. B. for IoT or clouds and the associated service digitization strategy in companies. A best practice example explains the drivers of digitization in the ordering process.

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