Die Stadtmacherei

New App for Urban Sustainability in Salzburg


Sustainability can be easily integrated into everyday life. The “Stadtmacherei Salzburg” helps: The free app shows the variety of possibilities to act sustainably day after day. With a playful approach, the users are motivated and stimulated. This means that the app is also breaking new ground in communicating sustainability and taking the topic out of the renunciation corner.

The app combines a wide variety of offers and initiatives on the topics of climate-neutral mobility, local consumption and social engagement. The app provides easy, playful access to sustainability through exciting discovery tours, puzzles and activities. Every CO2-free kilometre, every quiz won, every completed competition brings heartbeats. The higher the number of heartbeats, the better. Then there is the implementation of a large joint city-making project. Heartbeat bags are also raffled off four times a year. They are filled with sustainable products and experiences, such as the personal city tree, public transport tickets, bike services, vegetable boxes from regional farmers, free admission for city makers and friends or family to the city baths, the Untersberg cable car, the Hellbrunn water fountains and much more.

The app is being implemented as part of the international research initiative “SimpliCITY” with the cities of Salzburg and Uppsala (Sweden). Salzburg Research is the consortium leader and researches digital incentive instruments and methods how people can be encouraged to use such services. The knowledge genereated is tested, evaluated and shared with other cities across the EU. In addition to Salzburg and Uppsala, the implementation of such a regional platform in other cities in Austria, Sweden and Finland is also being sought. The EU initiative is funded in the JPI Urban Europe – Making Cities Work program, financed by the respective participating countries, in Austria by the FFG with funds from the BMK.


Survey: Sustainable Behavior in Salzburg

We would like to find out more about your sustainable behaviour, your attitude to environmental protection and social commitment and your knowledge of the sustainable city of Salzburg – regardless of whether you use the Stadtmacherei app or not. Duration: 10 minutes.

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