AAL-Praxiskonferenz: Die Vortragenden

Digitization Solutions for the Aging Society

On 15 November, the first Austrian AAL practice conference took place under the motto “From practice for practice – AAL made in Austria” in Salzburg. AAL Austria, the innovation platform for intelligent assistance in everyday life, and the Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft are organizing this Austria-wide exchange of experience together with the seven Austrian AAL test regions. The conference provided information from the practical operation of AAL solutions in more than 500 Austrian households and provided insights into digitization solutions for the aging society.

For the field of AAL (Active and Assisted Living) has come an exciting time, the technology is ripe. Even if it sounds strange to some, digitization plays an important role in nursing and care. And with all its facets, including robotics, sensors, etc., it will become more and more important in the future – not to replace people, but to simplify the care. For example, digitization already makes documentation easier today. This way, caregivers can take more care of people instead of doing paperwork. Especially the next generation is expected to become very old. And this generation is already familiar with new technology and uses it for more amenities and more exercise.



Further information about the first Austrian AAL practice conference can be found on the German event page.

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