Not talking, but still communicating! Christmas Action 2016 - Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft

Not talking, but still communicating! Christmas Action 2016


By 2016, another year has come to an end, in which Salzburg Research has achieved a lot in the field of the latest communication technologies. We have driven a minibus partly through the Salzburg old town, researched systematic recognition of blind spots in innovation processes, coordinate a large EU research project, involved the manufacturing SME in the digitization of production, or developed text methods for technologies which are not yet available on the market (e.g. for 5G – the fifth generation of mobile technologies).

Simple technical solutions can also achieve a great deal in the everyday life of many people: voice output devices, special computer keypads and tutorials, simple apps and much more allow children with a higher demand for assistance to communicate and be heard. They thus help considerably in establishing the ability to communicate. “Not talking, but still communicating!” is the guiding principle of the Anna Bertha Königsegg School for Children with increased support requirements, Center for Inclusive and Special Education in Salzburg. This is why I am delighted that we are once again supporting the facility this year with materials worth around € 1,000.

What’s in the packages this year:

The “iPad pioneers” – meanwhile in the 7th class – give necessarily a new iPad together with robust cover and plenty of storage space. The iPad is used for special exercises and the uncomplicated documentation of activities. Their “old” iPad from the previous year gives the class to younger pupils in the school.

Very popular are the “talking pens” as every year. This allows non- and little-speaking children to ask questions, answer, make a choice or participate in games. Speaking children help with voice recording or learn new words.

Good headphones help for a good concentration.

Managing Director Siegfried Reich, HR Manager Jennifer Upitz and Julia Eder presented this year’s donations to Director Manuela Hanusch and Mrs. Herta Natiesta on Thursday, December 15th.

The whole Team wishes a peaceful holidays and a peaceful year 2017!

We also allow ourselves a time out: business vacation from 24.12.2016 to 6.1.2017