The Future of Skiing

The skiing sector is in permanent change. More than in other branches of trade, trends and innovative products play a decisive role. Salzburg Research designed trend-setting visions for a renowned ski manufacturer.

Especially in the leisure industry continued innovation is essential for sustainable competitiveness – and should therefore not be left to chance. Salzburg Research’s approach to gain eradicative ideas is called „Radicality“. That means ideas in the product and service sector with a high degree of innovation, which create new markets or change existing markets. This approach takes into account that lots of business companies – because of increased efforts of effectiveness – rather optimise existing products than develop new ones. The “radicality” arises out of  a unbiased interdisciplinary view beyond the obvious – because innovation often sprouts between different branches – e.g. the gaming and sports goods industry or between the health and the leisure branch.

Salzburg Research offers its know-how to identify innovation potentials and focus innovation activities. Customer needs are quantified with scientific methods of analysis and innovation prospects conveyed.

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