MINER: software testing “conductor”

Salzburg Research’s “MINER” offers a modular extensible platform for complex functional and reliability tests. Once defined scenarios can be repeated by pressing a button and are fully documented.

MINER allows existing or emerging software developments to be reliably verified. The platform enables the specification of complex scenarios in which different activities must be executed on distributed nodes. Like a conductor MINER takes care of coordinating the “orchestra”: distribution of the required nodes, initialization, collection of results, detection of execution errors, etc., and displays the results along with consistent documentation. With the modular structure MINER leaves nothing to be desired: measurement of the transmission quality in IP networks, distributed applications testing, reliability testing, performance evaluation etc. The programming interface (API) allows to integrate existing  MINER applications or to develop own applications. Depending on requirements, MINER can be extended with custom modules.

The regular implementation of complex testing/measuring scenarios in different configurations – one far more complex and often error-prone process – can be done at the push of a button. Process monitoring and complete documentation are included.

The platform is already successfully used in the field of security technology.

MINER emerged as a prototype in an EU project, has been extended by Salzburg Research and brought to production readiness. Thus, international research innovation is now exploitable for companies.

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More at: miner.salzburgresearch.at

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